My Story Starts in Pittsburgh, PA

At the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I fell in love with graphic design by using layout, typography and illustration to tell the clients story. When I graduated I took my large portfolio out west to Phoenix, Arizona. I paid my dues at a small agency that specialized in Yellow Pages. My position was ‘Finished Artist’; a job that consisted of drawing illustrations in pen & ink, ordering type and ‘pasting it up’ on the ‘finished art board’.

As a result of my experience in the yellow pages business, I landed a graphic design position at U-Haul International. Eventually I worked my way up to being one of their lead designers. My assignments consisted of layout design of advertisements, brochures, posters, logos and the creative input into company annual events.

At U-Haul an account executive was the middle person between me and the client. The client would give an idea for an i.e. poster to the account executive and then in due time hand it off to me. Today, I work directly with my clients, one on one; either in person, by phone or Skype. In this way, I am able to build a relationship with my clients and bring an essence of their personalities into my designs or illustrations.

Graphic Design Today

On another note, I am glad for taking a half semester of typing in high school.

Who would have know how much typing we would all be doing today?